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Category of Exhibits

Materials functional nano thin film, gold / silver colloid, conductive materials, insulator thin film, electromagnetic pulse shield materials, organic electro luminescence,photonic crystal, photo catalyst, various catalyst, intelligent materials, biocompatible materials, cell sheet, paints / painting, surface-active agent, water shedding/ hydrophilic materials, anti-fouling / anti-bacterium materials, optical barrier film / plastic / coating agent, functional polymer, functional monomer / origomer,photonic polymerization initiator, EB hardening ink, plastic for precision machine, paper friction materials, slurry
Surface Processing /
Coating / Joint Technology
water shedding / hydrophilic surface processing, rheology, alumite, plating, blast processing, grinding / polish, CMP,YAG laser welding, embossment, etching,LB film, nano scale barrier film, nano porous membrane, nano lubricating film, DLC coating, ceramics / titanium / fluorine coating, dye / wire bonding, UV / EBphoto hardening, friction pressure welding, friction stir joint, normal temperature joint, adhesive / bonding / separation
Electronic Parts / Devices FED, SED, organic electro luminescence display, flat panel, ink jet, various coating products, photonic switch / sensor various devices, photonic disc, hard disc,contactless IC chip, IC card, hologram, anti-counterfeit / security / attestation various products, magnet, magnetic tape, filter, fuel cell, solar battery, thin filmlithium ion rechargeable battery
Surface Processing / Manufacturing /
Measuring Instruments
corona / ozone / plasma surface processing instruments, surface tension / shape / roughness measuring instruments, contact angle measuring instruments,rheology-related equipment, anti-static instruments, film thickness measuring instruments, thin film coater, laminating machine, thickness / viscosity various controller,wafer fabrication/ polishing instruments, CVD instruments, sputtering / photo resist processing instruments, UV lamp, EB radiation instruments, photolithographymachine, EB lithography devices, spin developer, etching devices, ion implantation system, resist separation devices, nano imprint, electron microscope

Exhibition fee

Commercial firms ¥320,000
Public organizations & University labs ¥180,000

*Fees will not include the consumption 10% tax.

*Please pay according to the payment deadline of the invoice issued after exhibit application.
Corporations : 320,000JPY / space
Government organizations / University laboratories : 180,000JPY / space
Exhibitor presentation : 150,000JPY / Seminar (45mins),100,000JPY / Seminar (30mins),

*Booth allocation is made by the organizer with consideration for order of apply, the number of booths and exhibit record.

Booth Specifications

1booth: 9 square meters (W3m X D3m X H2.7m) with Panels to separate neighboring booths

*The corner booth will only have one side wall.

*The above exhibition fee does not include the cost for installation & dismantling, decoration, booth cleaning & disposal and the charges for electricity/water supply and drainage/telephone.

Package Booth Plan Guide

One Booth Package Plan
Reference Price
120,000 JPY ~ (tax not included)
1 Booth Package
Items Qty
Display Cabinets
with Sliding Doors
(W990×D700×H750) 2unit
Reception Counter (W900×D450×H800) 1unit
Fascia Board (H300) 3m
Name Plate *Gothic Font (W1200×H200) 1unit
Folding Chairs   2unit
Brochure Stand A4 vertical size/12 shelves 1unit
Name Card Box   1unit
Spot Lights 100W 3unit
Carpet including setup fees 9m2
Electric Supply including electric usage fees 1kW
Power Socket 2 outlets (MAX 700W) 1unit
Trash Can   1unit

Package Booth Plan for 2-3 booths

Booth Image

Application to Exhibit

Booth allocation for ASTEC is on
"First come, First served" basis.

Please refer to the Floor Layout on our website and indicate the space number you require in the application form and send it to the Secretariat by Fax.
After your application is completed, the exhibitor name and the booth location will be placed on the website on the next day.

* Please note that applications will close when all space is allocated even before the deadline.


In principle, applications cannot be cancelled after Aug. 15, 2020.Only when the Secretariat deems itunavoidable, the cancellation will be accepted. In such cases the following penalties will be incurred based on the date written notice of cancellation is received.

Based on the date
of cancellation
Cancellation fee
From Aug. 16
to Sep. 15, 2020
10% of the invoiced amount
(including taxes).
From Sep. 16
to Oct. 15, 2020
50% of the invoiced amount
(including taxes).
From Oct. 16, 2020 100% of the invoiced amount
(including taxes).


Deadline for application September 15 (Tue), 2020
Deadline for Digital Plan application November 13(Fri),2020
Move in December 7 (Mon) - 8 (Tue), 2020
Exhibition December 9 (Wed) - 11 (Fri), 2020
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